AERIS DEA brings the beauty and elegance of copper jewelry to the public.

Inspired by museum pieces around the world, AERIS DEA is reinventing handcrafted neo-classical copper jewelry design.

Working with repurposed industrial and found materials AERIS DEA creates jewelry that defies convention and captures the eye.  Our designs and products are as varied as the materials we use.  If we can push the envelope of design and artistry we will.

AERIS DEA Biographies

Heather is the main creative genius behind Aeris Dea and should remain there and never be allowed to leave her cage. Not fit for human company, she spews brilliant designs and obscenities with equal ease. Having started out in her jewelry-making career at an early age making friendship bracelets that also doubled as handcuffs she is uniquely suited to the challenges of blending disparate styles and tastes into a singular vision of beauty and elegance.

“How did my knees get fat? I’ve always had cankles but what the #$&% is this?!! I worry about back fat.” – Heather at a random moment

Deirdre is a creative force in Aeris Dea but also handles the organization since she’s less inclined to absolute chaos. People often consider her shy and quiet until they get to know her and then they wish she were. Nagging Heather into remaining focused and productive are an art form like unto fine ballet for Deirdre. Without her the world of Aeris Dea would stop spinning and fall over like a discarded child’s top.

“It’s nice to know you have an emotion other than hungry.” – Deirdre speaking to Heather

No biography is complete without describing the combined beast that is Heather and Deirdre together. They are often mistaken for an old bickering lesbian couple when out in public. Neither of them is a lesbian but that begs the question of why they would spend so much time together if they didn’t also get the benefit of cuddling and sharing granola bars. Occasionally they’re mistaken for a traveling comedy improv group and arrested for performing in public without a license.

When not making jewelry they collect garden weasels and like to pet wombats.