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Welcome to the Aeris Dea Booth Project page. Contained on this page is a brief description of the business, the people involved in it, some photos of our jewelry designs and a PDF of the booth design proposal Aeris Dea submitted to the Arizona Renaissance Festival. Further information about the business can be obtained by visiting the rest of our website via the links in the navigation bar above. We thank you for visiting and taking time to review our information and we look forward to hearing from you.

About the Business
Aeris Dea is a woman-owned and operated business run by Heather Knouse and Deirdre Alpaugh. Heather is the main creative force of the business and spends most of her time mangling and wrestling copper wire into new and innovative yet classically-inspired designs. Her jewelry runs the gamut from elegant to whimsical and captures the imagination of customers over a wide range of ages and tastes. Without her Aeris Dea wouldn’t be possible. It’s a good thing Aeris Dea has enough dirt on her to keep her shackled to the business.

Deirdre Alpaugh also creates jewelry but spends a decent amount of her time keeping the business running smoothly. Without her organizational brilliance and dedication to detail the business would quickly spiral into a miasma of unfinished paperwork, IRS audits and soul-crushing court appearances. The Yin to Heather’s Yang, Deirdre is absolutely essential to the continued viability of the business. It might even be said that Heather’s chaotic creativity is like a magnet to Deirdre who feels compelled to impose order on the disorder left in the wake of Heather’s whirlwind of activity.

Together they have a fantastic partnership that allows each of them to maximize their strongest abilities while blunting the sharp edges of each others’ foibles.

Aeris Dea is Heather and Deridre’s mid-life crisis gone profitable. Being too cheap and frumpy for a fast car, face lifts or affairs this duo opted to reinvent themselves into people who were successful. They wish their mothers were proud. But they’re not.

Some of the Jewelry

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